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We provide 1 on 1 lessons for Skateboarders and Scooters - both young and old school.

Lessons are $35 for an 1.5 hours, which includes an additional 1.5 hours of ride-time afterwards to practice what you've learned. Lessons are set on your schedule so you tell us when you want them and we will have our professional instructors ready to teach you all there is to know. All our Skateboard and Freestyle Scooter instructors are First-aid/CPR certified and have skilled experience by either competition, or AM/PRO accreditation. No other indoor program in Tucson is able to offer instruction with our level of experience. Lessons are provided on-site and begin with demonstration and technique. Follow-up lessons are all about correcting slight deviations from the correct way of foot placement, progression, and timing.


Your first lesson is the most important and includes: 

  • Proper Foot Placement 

  • Learning Balance

  • Skate Park Etiquette & Terms 

  • Learn How to Push

  • Discover Turning and Drop-In

  • Build Confidence in Balance Building Exercise 

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